2007-09-04 Added Video "Collide" to video section, check it out. Also added live version of new song "Collide" (mp3) (download it in the media section).

cindy gnr shirt
video of collide

2007-06-26 Fixed photos page to work with all browsers, but requires flash player.

2007-06-07 The new photos page is up, but still adding pics. Stay Tuned for more pics and more music.

2007-04-24 Our last show at Drama was cancelled, but we'll be playing more shows in the coming weeks, so keep checking here and the myspace for more info.

2007-04-09 Some News: Show at Living Room cancelled. We still have a show at Drama on April 21st though. We've been playing a new song "JC Met Evangeline" and still working on a bunch of others. Meanwhile I've also been busy shooting some shorts and a doc amongst other things. Check out Bokserfilms.com if some of you are interested in some audiovisual work not directly related to GNR.

2007-03-07 Playing Living Room Lounge Again tonight, why? cause we can! Rain or shine GNR is there. And as I wrote previously we have a showcase on Thursday March 29th there as well. Also a show scheduled on March 17th at Drama Cafe where I believe we will actually start playing some newer songs, if not then, then on the 29th for sure. See you there.

2007-03-02 Playing another open mic tonight at Drama Cafe in BK again at 8pm. Location on 341 5th ave between 4th and 5th st. Sorry for the short notice, but if you peeps having nothing else to do on this rainy friday, come on down and hang with GNR for a few songs and have a cup of joe.

2007-03-01 Played another 2 open mic's this week, Tuesday at Bar 4, 444 7th Ave., Brooklyn, NY, 718-832-9800 Hosted by Tanya... and the other on Wed at Living Room Lounge again, and actually picked up a whole show on March 29th at the Living Room Lounge... so 45 to 1Hr of Get Naked Robot coming soon.

2007-02-25 Busy little week, we actually played 2 open mic's... we didn't advertize them or anything... just went and played. First one was Wed Living Room Lounge in BK on 245 23rd St, Brooklyn, NY, the second was at Drama Cafe also in BK on 5th ave and 4th st. We'll prob be playing a few more this week for the fun of it.

2007-01-06 Come one and all to our next show. Info below and on myspace.

Galapogos Show 2007-01-20

2006-12-27 Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year Everyone.
As you can see there is also a space now to join our mailing list. So please do not hesitate, join up and we will let you know when we release new songs, and or have shows. Thanks, The New GNR.

2006-12-06 Late Notice, but we have a gig this Saturday Dec 9th, 2006 at a House Party, check our myspace page and email getnakedrobot at gmail dot com if you'd like to come.

2006-11-23 Video Posted of "Go" performed live.

2006-11-21 New Site Design. Some pages left to finish up.

2006-11-19 Two shows coming up this week
  • Friday November 24th, 2006 - Teabag NYC - 30 Mott St - Show starts 8pm we go up after 9pm (time not set, so come early and watch a bunch of acts)
  • Saturday November 25th, 2006 - Playing a themed loft party and shooting a music video for one of our tunes at the same time. Click here to see flyer.

2006-11-14 The party rocked and we had a great turnout of like 40-50 peeps. Some pics will be posted soon of the show.

2006-09-29 Record Release Party to happen on Nov 11th, 2006.

2006-08-17 Blog on myspace, so check it out. Also site slightly redesigned.

2006-08-15 The New Self Titled 3 Song EP has been released! You can download it in the media section of the site!
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Drama Cafe 2/21/07
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