Who is "Get Naked Robot"?
We are the reincarnation of Guns N Roses... but not at all. We just share the same initials "GNR." And for those of you too young to recall, GNR was a huge band so check them out. Yes I guess I have no answer to who we are... just listen to the tunes and enjoy.

What are your names?
Vitaly and Duke. Vitaly is the singer/guitarist, Duke is the solo/rhythm guitarist... and together we are Get Naked Robot.

Why are there only two of you?
Because we're both ego-maniacal control freaks... ok really Vitaly just is. But seriously we just happen to be sick of being in large bands where there are too many personalities... so it's a logistics issue really.

Do you only sing sad songs?
Yes, unless we're doing a cover, but even then they're sad... so Yes.

Do you have more songs that I can listen too?
Yes we do, but either they haven't been recorded, or they are not ready to be performed just yet. We have many we are working on. So come to the shows.

Where can I see you play since it seems you have no shows?
Invite us to your house, and we'll play there for you! Just feed us.

How much does the album cost?
Free, unless you want to be nice and support indie music, but you probably don't. Sigh :(

When will you release a full album?
Probably some time next year.

How can I ask you more questions of no relevance to your music?
Email us at getnakedrobot at gmail dot com
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